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December 5, 2010

I love my Work Place

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The only basic thing one demands and enjoys at his work place is comfort. Comforts come in various forms and vary person to person and designation to designation. At my current work place, I am comfy and enjoying my work. Job security and unsurpassed learning opportunities are some of the comforting points at my work place.

In this blog post, I will be discussing some things which make my current work place, An Ideal Place to
The most attractive thing to me here is friendly and pleasant work environment. One can communicate
with managers at all levels easily and confidently convey his views and opinions – whether he is your immediate or line manager, director or even CEO. And these managers are not in

favour of any unessential demands to their teams. In fact they trust and motivate one to work more smartly.
The hierarchy is easy to understand too. The most important element at my designation is the Line
Manager. Every employee is associated with a Line Manager who acts as your buddy throughout your
career. Line Manager is open to share all your personal problems and there to hear your suggestions.
For instance, there are many chances that you might not be very comfortable to your Project Manager
or any team leader. This is where Line Manager lands in; he is the best person to help you with such
issues. And finally the Line Managers are solely responsible for your Annual Performance Evaluation.:)

People differ in their abilities and their aptitudes. There is always some difference between the quality
and quantity of the same work on the same job being done by two different people. So Performance
Appraisal is the only key to motivate the person who has worked smartly. To congratulate the person
who has benefited the company more recently, a Hot Shot (monthly) award is given to the person.
Beside this, we have other more popular events like All-Hands in every three months, and training and
technical seminars by renowned IT industry personalities.
More interesting and entertaining events are the picnics planned by the Entertainment Community in
every six months and a trip to Northern areas of Pakistan for two groups every year. Plus, team lunches
after every successful release, and other small gatherings like BBQ parties, table tennis and foosball
competitions, etc, are things which keep me together with this place and made me adore Folio3.

In the end, I must thankful to Almighty for blessing me with opportunity to initiate my professional
career in this kind of environment and my parents who always supported me. This was all about Folio3
Pvt (Ltd).


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