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February 28, 2010

Your Goal of Life should be Focused!!

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A very common element of achieving success in career is that “Your Objective of Life should be focused”. I heard some professionals saying that one should ask a question to himself that what is objective of his life? what he wants to achieve in his life?. Furthermore, its not necessary he knows the answer of that question at the same time. It can be found after some days froem either of his friend or relative or in a book etc. Hence, when the objective of his life is found he can produce a roadmap leading towards the goal of life.

It was all about I heard from Professional of one of leading company. Now what I feel is that one chooses the target of his life when he is inspired either from any personality (like relative or friend) or he is inspired by ideas proposed by any senior professional. And after some time he feels that the goal which he was focusing initially is not appropriate because this time he has seen some one else’s personality or has heard about other field and tries to focus it. So all the plans which he made are wasted.

Like in my case, when I see a person who is entrepreneur and well settled; I do think to keep myself on his place and try to discover what prons and cons this field has. I get inspired by this kind of life style. But when I see a person employed of a big firm say Microsoft, He makes me inspiration. Similiarly goes for the person who is SEO or Research Assistant. Every field has its own recognition, and I see all these fields can be approached after doing graduation.

Actual problem which I see is that one must do proper analysis of all kind of fields so that one should not face any problem in long run. and one should follow the saying “HE IS BEST JUDGE OF HIMSELF”. One should try to gather the ideas of particular field from different persons in order to clearify every doubt in his mind. In this way one can completely know about the field for which he is trying to strive.


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