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June 19, 2010

Professional Journey has just begun!!

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O you who believe! Eat of the good things that We have provided for you, and be grateful to Allah, if it is Him you worship. (Al-Baqara, 172)

I can not express the feelings in words which I have for Allah who has given me so much blessings. I am thankful to my family members for supporting me to make my career more prosperous because they always chosen the Best for me and they never wanted me to realize how sactifices were given by them to make my day. Allhamdulilah, after going through the challenging steps, I am succeeded in my immediate goal of life.

Here in this post I would share some of my views how I made my journey successful. When I was kid probably in 3rd grade, I had a little computer called “Commodore 64”. I liked it very much and used to spend several hours playing games. This computer had only BASIC language and I used to learn that language from my brother. Then after some time, we bought a new Intel Computer (Pentium 1) which only had DOS. By this I knew the basic operations of Computer and I also prepared a “Guessing Game” in GWBASIC when I was in 4th Grade. By that time I was passionate about Computers.

After joining cadet college petaro, during the computer lab timings, I used to implement small programs in BASIC showed them to teacher. And during the stay at petaro, I got the chance to make a project “The Quiz Master” in Visual Basic with the help of my teacher and presented in Science Fair 2005 held at Hyderabad. I was very happy to get this opportunity in my college life because it was the first time to represent any software project at Science FAIR.

My experience at FAST was outstanding. Its the institution which has shaped my interests to career. Its the place which has made me learn the solutions to the real world challenges, how to achieve the targets in a short time, how to live with my vision. I feel myself lucky to have very good people as my friend in this institute who has helped me alot to achieve my goal. It has given me skills to achieve success in my career ahead.

In this way I started my journey carrying only my passion. I really didnt know at the beginning what will be the scope, job opportunities, whether I’ll be succeeded in Computer Science or not. I only had the vision and I believed that if someone has the passion about one particular thing then he is the one who will excel in the field and ultimately the success will lie on to him. When I was applying in Universities in the discipline of Computer Science, most of the people discouraged me because they were arguing about limited scope at pakistan and they showed me many people jobless in this area.

So I would suggest the readers to be Honest to yourself and truthfully ask where do you want to be in your life. Be assure that you wont get a second chance in your life so please do some analysis on yourself and be focused to that goal. At any part of life if you are stuck in some place and it becomes very difficult to go with this career so you must not blame anyone because its only you who is responsible and no one else has any interest in your career.

I would love if you’ll share some thoughts.

Happy Reading ūüôā


February 28, 2010

Your Goal of Life should be Focused!!

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A very common element of achieving success in career is that “Your Objective of Life should be focused”. I heard some professionals saying that one should ask a question to himself that what is objective of his life? what he wants to achieve in his life?. Furthermore, its not necessary he knows the answer of that question at the same time. It can be found after some days froem either of his friend or relative or in a book etc. Hence, when the objective of his life is found he can produce a roadmap leading towards the goal of life.

It was all about I heard from Professional of one of leading company. Now what I feel is that one chooses the target of his life when he is inspired either from any personality (like relative or friend) or he is inspired by ideas proposed by any senior professional. And after some time he feels that the goal which he was focusing initially is not appropriate because this time he has seen some one else’s personality or has heard about other field and tries to focus it. So all the plans which he made are wasted.

Like in my case, when I see a person who is entrepreneur and well settled; I do think to keep myself on his place and try to discover what prons and cons this field has. I get inspired by this kind of life style. But when I see a person employed of a big firm say Microsoft, He makes me inspiration. Similiarly goes for the person who is SEO or Research Assistant. Every field has its own recognition, and I see all these fields can be approached after doing graduation.

Actual problem which I see is that one must do proper analysis of all kind of fields so that one should not face any problem in long run. and one should follow the saying “HE IS BEST JUDGE OF HIMSELF”. One should try to gather the ideas of particular field from different persons in order to clearify every doubt in his mind. In this way one can completely know about the field for which he is trying to strive.

December 14, 2009

Career is foremost thing in ones life!!!

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~ No man can succeed in a line of endeavor which he does not like. ~
Napolean Hill.
What I see about career counceling is that  its ongoing process thing untill a person gets very old and gets retired. People wants to analyze all the options available before choosing any option for career so that he doesnt blame his life afterwards.  So I shall write about my experience to prove that its really ongoing process and doesnt get end.
When I was in school (7th Grade) in interior Sindh, My father discovered some options for my college. He along with my elder brothers, was thinking about Top most colleges in Pakistan, so anyway he chose Cadet Colleges to be the best sources for Intermediate Education and I got admission in Cadet College Petaro. Same was the case when I had to get admission in any University. I had preference to do Bachelors in Computer Science. My 1st priority on list was to get admission in GIKI. But I was not selected in 1st year so I was planning to wait for one year. But some how I agreed to go at FAST. Now its time for starting my career professional. Its major turning of my life because I believe the whole life style depends upon the planning for career now.
Same is the problem for now. I am bit confused to choose the career which Company to hit, what skills are required to get a good job, what is nature of job and scope for long run, etc.
 These all are questions which comes in my mind. Nevertheless, One should have good contacts with professionals of different kind so they can guide through their own experience. So, I confused while choosing between two different technologies, If I go in the field of development of projects, which technology should I emphasis to survive atleast just after graduation. And at the mean time I am thinking to have certification courses in particular technology to grab the skills.
Here are some key tips to help out what and why should I choose certification courses.
Every Certification course from reputed institute like Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, CISCO, etc can help in two ways:
1)  It will add value on your CV.. you will get interview call VERY easily. it will make you different from your competitors.
2) It may help you to learn things, But there are many ways to just pass the exam and not actually learn it. Because We pakistanis are very GOOD at Jugars:P
So my aim emphasis on 2nd point. I really need to survive in any company if I get job there. My aim is not just to enter in the company by any means. I want to be respected due to my efforts.
And there are so many ways to learn and gain the skills rather than doing certifications. By sincerely working on Academic Projects and FYP, Try to contact professionals to get freelancing works, Go through the books and implement your own ideas. But Every one doesnt get oppurtunity to do that. Frankly I dont get any good ideas in my mind rapidly to implement them :P.
IF we see the enterprise world, there is a huge boom of Web and Mobile Development. Many Technologies are improving like hell to come up in the market. Following are some options to gain skills if one wants to go for web development:
1) Php/MySql
2) .NET (, WebServices, WCF, Azure etc)
3) Python/Ruby
4) Java (JSP/Servlet)
And HTML + DHTML + HTML 5 + JS + Ajax etc,these are Must for any web guy.
So even my research is carried on which companies to hit. Because I can not simply drop my CV without having good knowledge.Lets See what output comes up. I shall update the blog if I get any interesting thing to share regarding Career.
Thanks alot for reading……
Have a Good Day ūüôā

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