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May 11, 2014

Who really are introverts?

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Introvert-LeaderThe other day, we were asked to fill out personality questionnaire which will describe your characteristics and qualities. It was 20 – 25 mins activity to yield the result. I had already anticipated my own persona but was quite inquisitive to know about my personality trait. So the result proved that I fall in the category of “Introverts” as expected. I followed to do some research on google about this personality trait and came up with the findings.



IntrovertShyIntroversion is one of the major personality trait. People with introversion are tend to be focused on internal thoughts, feelings and moods. Unlike extroverts, who gain energy from social interaction. Introverts simply do not spend lots of time interacting with other people, however they do appreciate being around the close friends. They always do enjoy having deep, meaningful and productive conversations.



thinker It is very common myth that introverts are shy while meeting strangers, but that is not true. They can have fun-filled social lives that include meaningful friendship. They tend to have a small but strong friends’ circle since they are very polite in nature. They are often criticised for sticking with activities that seem “boring” to other such as, book reading, listening, etc. But these are actually powerful activities for keeping their friends’ circle strong. Nevertheless, introverts yet involve in leading roles, speaking publicly and being in the centre of attention. Bill Gates, Abraham Lincoln, Gandhi and countless other leaders through history have been classified as introverts. These leaders may also foster a better team environment, as research has shown they might work better in groups than extroverts do.


Ideally, one should learn the best of both worlds to be successful in every aspect of life. Its very important to deal with various situations tactfully. This type of personality trait is called “ambivert”. People in this category are quiet in some situations and loud in others. But obviously, one learns this kind of personality trait through experiences.


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January 20, 2014

Recreational Trip to UAE

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Traveling has always been charming in everyones life. One learns a lot while interacting with people of different culture, cast and region. Luckily, we successfully planned out our trip to UAE along with few office colleagues. Its a not a easy job to get long (15 days) leaves approved by office.

Windows Phone_20140107_011

Our excitement started while we were boarding through international departure, since it was first time for all of us while traveling out of country. After landing at Dubai International Airport, we went through immigration process in a long queue and then we were done :). Weather was really awesome and it was raining over there which triggered our excitement level to threshold level :p.

Next day, we got the NOL cards from near by Metro Station. You just need to check in at the metro station with NOL card and then you can get inside the train. These are the fastest trains and waiting time for each train is 8 mins at max. You get off the train at destined station and check out. These trains work automatically without any operator. These same cards are used in any public transport at Dubai and there is no need for conductor in bus. Its the best innovation of Roads and Transport Service (RTA) at Dubai I have witnessed.

DSCN0185We visited these places in our trip:
Jumerah Beach – the most exciting place for all the tourists, usually you can find celebrities over there and we also visited Wild Wadi the same day.

Dubai Mall – Fountain Dance (DSF Activity) and Waterfall restaurant. This is the largest shopping mall in Dubai.

Global Village – Almost every country has been given some region to represent their customs, those include Iran, Turkey, UAE, Pakistan, Inda, Africa, China, etc. Witnessed the stage performance of different countries. Indian Dancing show was the most attraction over there.

Abrah, Bur Dubai – It was just like Manora, Karachi. You reach at Abrah get in the Boat and that takes you at Bur Dubai. We saw different DSF activities over there. Different countries had representation over there just like Global village. Mostly these were poor countries. There was Meena Bazar just like Light House we have in Karachi 🙂


DSCN0696Mall of Emirates – Ski Dubai. The most favourite place for all of us. Ski Dubai is an artificial snow region where temperature is around -5C. Costumes is provided by management. We did witnessed real penguins and also had different activities including Snow Ball Rolling, Sliding, Chair Lift, etc.

Desert Safari – Dune Bashing, Camel Riding, Bar B Q Dinner, Belly Dance Show, Sand Ski, etc.

Along with this, we visited Ibn-e-Batoota Mall, Sharjaah (It had huge buildings), Dubai Festival City, Al – Rigga Street – Juice World, Deirra City Centre.


DSCN0463If you intend to visit dubai, you must visit these places and also must try Fillis Tea, Baskin Robbins Ice Cream and Juice World (Al-Rigga Street).

Every thing is well organised and systematic there. You won’t find any kind of hindrance while traveling to strange place. The people are very cooperative specially when you find person of your country. This trip has given a lot of memories in my self.

I would definitely visit this place again may be in 2020 Inshallah 🙂

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December 11, 2009

Why I have started Blogging!!!

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When I got to know about blogging for the first time, I noticed that it is just wastage of time. People do blogging just to enhance their writing skills and creativity. There is no one who reads personal blogs of others. So I was interesting to even give second thought to start blogging. But soon I came to know that I was totally wrong.

 People do read blogs. I have seen it gives a good impression when someone applies for the job. The Boss can also judge his activities, personality and interests through blog. And Nevertheless, there are so many people who visits your blog. And I also realized its importance when I read a blog post of Ammar Faheem bhai. It also enhances the social contacts with different professionals. As these are very important for building up a career.

So I would conclude this post by saying that it feels very good when you share your views, opinions with different people. Dont think who doesnt like your posts. But still you give your thoughts and share your knowledge which is ultimate goal of any Student or pre-professional:P

Good Luck..

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