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June 29, 2014

Sunshine in Madina – Azan the Call Within

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One day I was discussing some volunteer activities with a friend and got to know about few organisations which host islamic workshops / sessions specially for youth. I was introduced to their upcoming event named as “Sunshine in Medina” by Azan the Call, so I decided to experience this thing. To be honest, I was assuming this to be in a small room where a speaker will just talk a little bit about Medina and I would take some time to interact few people. But in reality it was much more than that. I was surprised to see a full auditorium which has capacity of around 300 persons. Audience was really knowledgable, they were quick in responding to questions asked by trainer. Volunteers were quite cooperative and helpful.

At the very start of session, rules and regulations were described which were definitely strictly followed. Some of them were:

  • No body was allowed to enter in the classroom during the session, so that you can focus on the session completely
  • You don’t have to criticise anyone when s/he is questioning or responding on microphone.
  • You don’t have to look back to woman when she is responding on microphone.
  • During break timings, you don’t have to waste your food at any cost. Just take food in your plate as much as you can.


The most interesting thing in this session was to follow all the sunah of eating food. In lunch area, these sunahs were written, like you have to eat with three fingers; 1/3rd of tummy would be filled with water, another 1/3rd with food and rest would be empty; never find a fault with food. SubhanAllah, I wish to follow these sunah in everywhere too.

This session was focused on Life of Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) specially in Medina. How muslims were facing hardships in Mecca which led them to migrate to Medina. Its always challenging to leave everything (all the assets, family members) in your hometown and migrate to Medina. But when it was order from Almighty Allah, you can not deny it. The trainer also discussed about the stories of various companions like Hazrat Abu Bakar, Hazrat Salman Farsi, Hazrat Hamzah, Hazrat Bilal, etc. These all have very important role in foundation of true religion Islam.


We also got to learn how non-muslims in Mecca were making conspiracies to attack muslims. During their discussions, Iblees (in form of human being) was also helping them and suggesting how you can kill Muhammad (PBUH). The Quraish of Mecca robbed all the belongings of muhajireen and  sold them in Demascus (Shaam). While the caravan was returning to Mecca carrying gold and currencies in their camels, Muslims decided to plunder the caravan and get what was their own. That caravan was led by Abu Sufiyan, he got this information from Quraish and diverted his route. Afterwards, Quraish decided to attack Muslims since these were very small in numbers (around 300) and they were not armed except two horses and very few swords. Since they were not prepared for war. So this situation led this to battle known as “Battle of Badar” and surprisingly it was won by muslims.


Every incident happened during the life of our Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) have practical applications in everyones life. For example,

  • – From Battle of Badr we learnt to be patient and don’t have show ourselves weak /loose faith in Allah or  become coward.
  • – From Battle of Uhud, we always have to follow the instructions of commander all the time. Disobedience can lead us to loose the battle

In this way, we being muslims have to learn all the lessons derived from Quran and Sunnah and apply them to our lives.

Well, I am going to confess that till this time, I have studied “Islamic Studies course” in academics just to get the grades and promote to upper class. But this session has made me to thought provoking try to get positive lessons form Seerat un Nabi which can be applied in my life. This session has realised me that every person has the some reason for his existence. Just like Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) came in this world to teach us the ideal life of muslim, various companions of Holy Prophet tried to follow His teachings. So Inshallah we all would strive ourselves best to be good followers like His companions.

In the last, I would really be thankful to brother Kamran Kiyani and Azan – The Call Within for a wonderful opportunity.

JazakAllah for reading 🙂


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